AZD 530A /M

3 tones + HORN signal / without microphone / 12 V or 24 V

designed for difficult climate conditions - motorcycles, snowmobiles, into motor space etc.

  • compact design for installation into tight space
  • simple use with function indication
  • siren tone change by simple push button
  • HORN signal for extended warning function
  • beacon function control with autiomatic tone blocking if beacon has malfunction
  • very easy installation - device consists from two main components:
    1) siren amplifier AZZ 530A /M (M1) - containing also relay to control lightbar or beacons (15A), can be installed outside passenger's cabine, under seats, into trunk or places not protected from water, dust and snow.  Compact dimensions 120 x 60 x 80 mm ( w x h x d)
    2) control panel with buttons and function indication LEDs (dimensions 76 x 27 mm)
    3) connection cables in standard or customer defined length
  • MANUAL function - quick activation and change of tone
  • function HANDSFREE
  • power output upto 120 W
  • IP
    • AZD 530A/M - IP 66
    • AZD 530A/M1 - IP 54
AZZ530A M2 small

 AZZ 530A/M



azd 530 a m1

AZZ 530A/M1















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