DOMINO_-_lektor-vyrez_smallSimple language laboratory, designed for intensive language teaching. 

Teacher's console with possibility of connection of upto 4 external audio sources (audio CD, PC, MP3 player, ...) offers simple and intuitive use of all functions.

Predefined activities like pair or group conversation are excellent way to practise verbal skills of students - conversation, reading practise, etc. Teacher befenits from discrete listening or intercom - he may at any time enter into the ongoing conversation.

Allocation of the students in groups is signalled by the color LEDs at teacher's console - up to 24 variants can be saved.

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Portlab P216

P216 - zepedu 2 smallThe minilaboratory PORTLAB P 216 is a small portable teaching equipment which ought to be at every school. The flexibility of use, not binding on only space, simple operation and high didactic contribution with favourable price are riched aims of the development and production of this useful helper with a language teaching. That are the best convincing arguments for deciding to buy it.

PORTLAB P 216 is the doubleprogramme laboratory supporting the efficiency of language education in different types of schools and it represents cheep alternative to large teaching laboratories.

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