Teacher workplace

The teacher workplace consists of the teacher console placed at a table. The console is equipped with central electronics to which it is possible to connect two external program sources.

Furthermore are to the console connected teacher's headset with microphone and two loudspeakers for loud reproduction. The console is powered by an external power supply (part of delivery).

Teacher functionality
  • DOMINO_-_detail_smallSimultaneous work with two programs in groups A, B and individual group of students.
  • Assigning of students into fixed conversation pairs (pairing).

  • Possibility of connection of upto four program sources (teacher microphone, two external program sources, "IN" input and selected student)

  • Possibility of connection two external devices to record of teaching (OUT outputs).

  • Allocation of the students and of program sources is visually signaled by the color LED.

  • Discrete monitoring of any student or conversation pair.

  • Automatic discrete sequent listening of all connected or selected students in preset intervals.

  • Conversation with any student or conversation pair of students. For the period of conversation the program transfer is interrupted.

  • Preferential interconnection of the teacher microphone to all students in the classroom. For the period of this interconnection the program distribution is interrupted. After its finishing the previous program is restored.

  • Teacher verbal attendance to any distributed program.

  • Direct monitoring of program source distributed to group A or B by function „MONITOR A“ or „MONITOR B“ (students' monitoring is interrupted) or its loud reproduction through class loudspeakers.

  • Volume control of teacher's headset and class loudspeakers.

  • Saving of upto 24 variants of student allocations into groups and assignments of program sources into memory and its repeated recall.

Student workplace

Student workplace consists of the student unit fixed at a table or built into the working desk of a table. The unit is designed for one or two students. It enables to every student the connection of headset with microphone. Some models are equipped with the connectors for two external audio sources (tape-recorder, PC audio, digital recorder, etc.) for individual work of student.

Student functionality

According to the type of unit (maximum possibilities).

  • Work with program transferred by teacher with independent volume control of program and student channel.
  • Pronunciation training by self-listening.
  • Conversation in pairs.
  • Individual work with program from an external audio source connected to the student unit (tape-recorder, PC audio, digital recorder, etc.).
Basic technical data
supply voltage
100 - 240 V / 50 - 60Hz
maximal power consumption
50 W
number of connected students
max 24
number of independent work groups
2 + individual work
fixed (1+2 , 3+4 , ... , 23+24)
frequncy response
40 - 20 000 Hz  +/- 2dB
signal - to - noise - radio
60 dB / A
number of external sources
input sensitivity of external sources
100 mV  - 1V / 10 kOhm
input of external sources
2 x 10 W / 10% / 4 Ohm
number of outputs
output voltage
1V / 1k Ohm
headset modular connector
electret microphone 16mV / Pa / 1 kOhm
headphones 2 x 300 Ohm
dimension of teacher console
290 x 200 x 86 mm
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