Portlab P216

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The minilaboratory PORTLAB P 216 is a small portable teaching equipment which ought to be at every school. The flexibility of use, not binding on only space, simple operation and high didactic contribution with favourable price are riched aims of the development and production of this useful helper with a language teaching. That are the best convincing arguments for deciding to buy it.

PORTLAB P 216 is the doubleprogramme laboratory supporting the efficiency of language education in different types of schools and it represents cheep alternative to large teaching laboratories.


Its specific priorities are especially:

  • portability
  • distribution cabling it does not require permanently built-in
  • non or minimum installation costs
  • it saves a space
  • use possibility in the function of loud taperecorder
  • low price
  • it does not require any special furniture

In the case of need the class-room can be formed as a permanently installated one. There is several possibilities to complete the minilaboratory with another equipments, e.g. teacher multimedia PC, GEMMA analyzer of answers, videorecorder, TV, CD-player etc.

The class-room arrangement will come into being with the simple connection of the teacher control unit with student listening units by the cables with easy affixable connectors. Cables are the part of delivery. The equipment is placed on the common school furniture. Up to 16 students can work in the laboratory.

The simplicity and speed of class-room arrangement connection and disconnection determinate the use of this laboratory especially in basic and private schools, schools in nature, as a complement to computer class-rooms, language courses and wherever is dealed with lesser number of students. All student listening units with cables and headsets are placed in one practical portable bag.


Teacher workplace

The teacher workplace consists of the small portable teacher control unit, movable placed on his/her working table. The control unit is equipped with the complete electronics including power sources, buit-in cassete tape-recorder (with counter), built-in loudspeaker and headset with microphone. There is possible to connect to the unit an external loudspeaker with impedance min. 4 Ohm and external programme sources (tape-recorder, radio, CD-player, sound of TV, video, CD player etc.). The minilaboratory is determined for the work in mode AA (Audio-Active), that means every student can hear his/her own speech and a programme transmitted from the teacher unit in his/her headset.


Teacher facilities

  • Work with one programme, students No 1 - 16.

  • Simultaneous work with two programmes in two permanently determined groups. 1 st group: students No 1 - 8, 2 nd group: students No 9 -16.

  • Connection of two basic (a teacher microphone, built-in tape-recorder) and one external (tape-recorder, radio, CD-player, sound of TV, video etc.) programme source. The connection of more external sources is possible to realize by switching unit.

  • Allocation of the students into fixed conversation pairs (pairing) in every programme group separately.

  • Pairs 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 are in the 1 st group, pairs 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 are in the 2 nd group.

  • Simultaneous work of two groups. One group works with a transmitted programme, another group can converse in pairs. 

  • Discrete listening of every student or pair 

  • Conversation with every student or conversation pair (for the period of conversation the programme distribution is interrupted).

  • Direct listening of the programme distributed for the 2 nd group on function MONITOR and its listening from loudspeaker (the listening of students is disconnected).

  • Recording of students‘ answers, appropriattely whole lesson, on the built-in tape-recorder.

Student workplace

Every student is equipped with the headset with microphone, connected into the listening unit. The listening unit is designed for the connection of four students (alternatively of two students). It use to be placed on the desk among students and by potentiometers it enables to every student independent volume control of programme received into headset.


Student facilities

  • kovsk zesilova smallWork with teaching programmes transmitted

    by the teacher.

  • Pronunciation training by self-listening.

  • Conversation in the pairs or with the teacher.



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