30 W / 12 V / graphic display / LED 3 mm / internal use

  • SMT technology
  • flip-up mechanism ideal for undercover vehicles
  • motorised movement 2,6W / 12V, zero consumption in sleep state
  • display dimensions:
        460 x 50 x 205 mm (down)
        460 x 195 x 205 mm (up)



5011030-ozn 100-up 556-i-vm








OLED control panel

control panel programmable by PC connection to the USB port for display

- up to 200 combinations of text signs
- two-line OLED display shows the actual sign and next one to be activated
- text on the LED display can be programmed in the following versions: static, alternating or running
- text display, easily readable even in bad light conditions
- easy to control by combined rotary and push-button
- dimensions (w x h x d):
    104 x 72 x 26 mm

Programming USB cable

- to program the texts into the OLED control panel
- connects the control unit to the computer for easy custom programming of individual texts.
- CD with user program and drivers included


 oled displej-nov







Alphanumeric LED control panel

- Alphanumeric LED control panel for LED displays OZN 102 UP using an interface device


- display control device
   Interface P/UP (mínusový) - ovládané uzemňováním řídících vodičů
   Interface P/UP (plus) - ovládané připojováním řídících vodičů k +12V
- selecting 16 inscriptions using logical levels on inputs
- can be connected to an alphanumeric LED control panel
- allows the selection of messages displayed on LED displays via four address wires
- by combining DC levels on these wires, one of a total of 16 text or graphic messages can be displayed.


 alfanumerick LED displej small


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