Metal workshop

Our offer includes also prodction cooperation in our metal workshop. 

Our technology:

  • CNC bending machine ERMAK POWER BEND PRO 2100mm x 40t
  • CNC diecutting machine Trumpf Minimatic 100 - any sheet of thin 0,5 - 3mm
  • Digital scissors, cutting the material 0,5 - 3 mm
  • Bench drills, drilling holes in preparations, free drilling
  • Press machines LEN 10C, 25C, LENR 25, LEN 40C, 63, 100, CBS 150 (hydraulic) - punching, bending, pressing according to tools (without feed devices)
  • Lathes SM 16 A, RM 10
  • Millers FA 3 AV - universal
  • FSS 250 - Heckert







GE Inspection Technologies
TRITEC Handels-GmbH


Mounting workshop works (mechanical and electronic sets of products of instrumental character) can be made from supplied or own provided materials and manufactured parts.

We also offer free electronic production capacity:

  • printed circuit boards and electronics assembly

  • soldering of assembled printed circuit boards, assembly

  • type testing of electronic devices

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