Lab 100 is designed to be an easy-to use and effective digital language teaching solution that can be installed in small space – without special furniture or a dedicated computer classroom.


Teacher will need only one computer for yourself. Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are easy to operate, and which allow them to have an active role in stimulating learning activities – either alone, in groups or pairs.


Easy-to-use environment

Sanako Lab 100 is easy to use and dynamic system. It offers range of instructional modes that guide the teacher during the lesson. The teacher using Lab100 not have to worry about the wrong step, because there are always only the functions needed for a particular phase of activity. Teachers can therefore benefit from Lab 100 regardless of their IT capabilities.

Pre-set activities such as phone conversation and listening comprehension make it easy for teacher to develop lessons. The Lab 100 offers tools that will keep your students motivated and excited while they acquire the language skills they will need.

Students use digital panel combining classical recorder functions with other linguistic and test functions, which makes their participation in the teaching easy and allows active participation in the learning process.





How can you benefit from Lab 100:


  • Engage students to learn languages by doing
  • Develop lessons easily
  • Individualize teaching
  • Monitor and record students’ progress
  • Choose any content: traditional analog sources can be used alongside digital and even Internet material
  • Wide array of activities available
  • Podcasting available 
  • Convert analog material to digital automatically
  • The Media Storage Unit provides teachers and students quick access to learning materials stored in a central digital media library
  • Let students evaluate themselves by recording speech and exercises
  • Self-study possibilities to improve listening and speaking skills
  • Easy-to-use student digital recorder


What can you do with Sanako Lab 100:

  •  Ready-made teaching activities

    that make lesson planning and execution easy. Teachers can simply select the activity they want to begin without complicated moves on the user interface – saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • Listening comprehension activity

develops understanding of authentic language examples. In this activity, the teacher can transfer an audio track to students. Students have their digital recorders, so they can work with the source material individually and at their own pace.

  • In Model imitation

students listen to and repeat a model track the teacher has transferred to them to practice the stress, rhythm and intonation of a foreign language. The recorded model and student audio tracks enable easy assessment and correcting areas that need improvement.

  • Reading aloud

is a useful way of practicing intonation, rhythm and pronunciation, and is ideal for students’ individual practice. Students read a text which is recorded on the student track, and then practice to improve their proficiency. Everyone in class can read at the same time and at their own pace which saves time compared to the “traditional” reading practice methods, and even the shy students are not afraid to participate.

  •  The Pair and Group Discussion activities

promote student interaction and provide an easy tool for conversation exercises. The Phone Conversation activity allows learners to simulate real-life situations and to improve conversational competence. Pair and Group discussions can be set-up in only few seconds, changing pairs takes only few mouse clicks saving valuable lesson time.

  • Different interpretation activities

are perfect for more advanced and specialized students for practicing their language skills in a professional environment.

  • Lab 100 Cart for mobile needs

This go-anywhere lab can be set up in any space in minutes. It brings digital language learning to any classroom – no separate language lab location is needed.

  • Lab 100 STS Modul

Available as an extension module, the Simultaneous Interpretation Training System (STS) was developed especially for the demanding field of professional interpreter training. Recording and reviewing student interpretations allows you and your students to identify and correct weaknesses in their interpreting techniques and effectively improve their skills.

  • Recommended accessory: headphones

Sanako Headset SLH-07 complements the renowned audio quality of all Sanako products. It is specifically designed for demanding education environments.Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further.


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