SANAKO Study 1200

Advanced software for language teaching and learning.

SANAKO Study 1200 has the best of both worlds – complete classroom management coupled with a full-featured language lab.


How can you benefit from Study 1200:

  • sanako study 1200

    Optimized wireless performance
  • Engage and stimulate students to learn languages by doing
  • Develop lessons easily with predefined activities
  • Individualize teaching
  • Monitor and record students’ progress
  • Improve the even most difficult to teach elements, pronunciation and intonation, with model imitation and a wide array of discussion activities
  • Important self-evaluation enabled by recording student speech and exercises
  • Stay in control with features such as Internet blocking and Application control
  • Assign and collect homework
  • Use a wide selection of media sources
  • Convert existing materials easily into mp3s or create new material on the go
  • Collaborate with students by using the interactive whiteboard and marker tool


What can you do with Study 1200:


Listening Comprehension

In this activity, you can transfer an audio track to students. Students then access their digital recorders, so that they can work with the source material individually and at their own pace to better comprehend what was said. You may select the students to answer questions to show how well they understood what they heard.

Discussion Activities

You can unobtrusively listen to student conversations, allowing your students to feel free to express themselves using their own words, rather than rehearsed textbook responses. In addition to pair and group discussions Study 1200 has a round table discussion that allows you to set up small student groups with a designated chairman, who leads the discussion. You can set up a meeting environment to help advanced language learners strengthen their oral presentation skills.

Model Imitation

Students listen to and repeat a model track to practice the stress, rhythm and intonation of a foreign language, while their voices are recorded. The recorded model and student audio tracks enable easy assessment and correcting areas that need improvement.
Reading Practice
Reading aloud is a useful way of practicing intonation, rhythm and pronunciation, and is ideal for students’ individual practice. Students read a text which is recorded on the student track, and then practice to improve their proficiency. Everyone in class can read at the same time and at their own pace which saves time compared to the “traditional” reading practice methods, and even the shy students are not afraid to participate.
Voice Insert
In the Voice Insert mode, gaps can be inserted automatically into source material, which means that you do not have to leave silent parts for the answers in the recordings – any audio file can be used. This unique feature allows you to create exercises during playback, and to give oral feedback on student recordings after a test.
Vocabulary tests
Study 1200 allows you to create quick vocabulary tests easily. You only need to have a list of vocabulary items ready, and Study 1200 will handle the rest.
Subtitles work as a link between spoken word and written text creating possibilities for different speech-to-text and text-to-speech translation exercises. With the ability to subtitle files, students will gain additional valuable language practice working with media files.
Individualize learning
Study 1200 has up to six sessions. You can initiate different activities for the students and use different methods for each session to individualize learning. More advanced students can be put in a self-study session while you focus on to the students who require more support. In the Self-Access mode each student works independently of all the other students.

thumbnail-study-1200Control Student PCs

Study 1200 gives you the control over student PCs, which allows for guidance and support of the students. You can black out the student screens and/or lock the cursors and keyboards to draw their attention. A blocking feature allows you to block the use of Internet or other applications to help students focus on a given task.

Monitor Students

Monitoring students allows teachers to listen to selected students’ work and view their screens. Screen monitoring allows the teacher to view the screen activity of multiple student workstations in real time seeing how assignments progress. Student screens can all be viewed simultaneously as thumbnails.

Screen Transfer with Audio and Marker Tool

Study 1200 allows you to share the contents of the teacher screen and talk to the students at the same time, e.g. show a video from the internet. The screen image and audio can be transferred to a single student or the entire class. You can highlight screen items with The Marker Tool in order to make sure that students are concentrating on essentials.

Ripping tool

Study 1200 can convert your existing teaching materials into more convenient mp3’s. You can convert audio from cds, the internet or auxiliary sources.

Free content included

5 free English lessons come bundled with your Study 1200 installation. These exercises integrate to Study environment and can be used to demonstrate all capabilities of Sanako content format.5 free lessons are: Airports, Education, Computers, Animals, Phonics.

Recommended accessory: headphones

Headphones SLH-07SANAKO Headset SLH-07 complements the renowned audio quality of all Sanako products. It is specifically designed for demanding education environments.Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further.
Additional modules
With the Examination module you can easily create a variety of tests for students. You can use audio, video, images and text in the questions, and customize the grading scale to your needs.




The system has pre-teaching activities that can be used in the basic teaching of any subject. Lector can start, stop or temporarily suspend activity and have full control over it.

The system includes the following predefined activities:



Student works individually, the teacher can still communicate with the student or to control his computer.


Lector´s or selected student´s screen and voice are transmitted to others in the group. This allows lector or model student to instruct / lead others by using any application on your computer.

Web browsing

On the student computers are running Internet Explorer Web browser. The lector can define allowed or denied pages or to get students to follow the teacher's browser navigation by preventing independent student browsing the Internet.

Listening comprehension 

Students listen to the selected program source and the lector may, for example, specify different exercises on the audio material and choose students to answer questions. Lector may also allow students to work individually with program source or lock the players.


Students practice their conversation abilities and learn to express ideas and opinions in the group. Its size can be adjusted from 2 to all attending students. Lector can create groups manually or let the system create groups according to either student numbers or randomly. Lector may at any time listening to a conversation in a group, or join it. Members of the group are displayed in the window class.

Imitation model

Students listen and repeat the program audio tracks to practice rhythm and intonation of a foreign language, their voice is recorded on the student track. You can use ready-made recordings with intervals, or manually set intervals during playback.




Audio communication

Lector can talk to the whole class, group of students or one student. Student can talk with other students in the group and call the lector if he needs assistance. Student´s calling is graphically displayed on lector´s screen.


Lector may send message to one student, group or all students and students can send message to lector.


Easy communication between lector and students. Chat can be done within the group, lector can monitor chats all groups simultaneously and respond to them. Chat can be printed, saved, deleted.


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