Labcraft SI7 5-3 MV

Over 1400 lumens output

Using the very best high output Cree LED technology, the SI7 Scenelite produces 1420 lumens.

Solid aluminium casting

This gives a robust product and ensures the LEDs run as cool as possible for longer life.

Unique curved PCB

By pre-bending the aluminium PCB, the LEDs provide improved light distribution for a safer working environment.

Waterproof to IP67

The tough outer enclosure and potting over more sensitive components provides protection against severe weather conditions and pressure washing.

Available in BLACK (SI7_5-3MV), WHITE (SI7_5-3MVWH) & RED RAL3000 (SI7_5-3MVRED).


    SI7 5-3MV - black
    SI7_5-3MVWH - white
    SI7 5-3MVRED - red


labcraft-SI7-red biglabcraft-SI7-WH biglabcraft-SI7-rozmery big

Last Updated on Friday, 24 January 2020 13:40